Termination Letters: Part 4 – Final Termination Letter

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This article is discusses writing the Final Termination Letter which is a supplemental document to outline further details relating to an employee’s termination, irrespective to the rationale.

Thus far we have discussed the different termination types and provided you with details and templates that your business can use whether it be for a With or Without Cause termination. In this part of the series, we are going to discuss a supplemental letter that employers give their terminating employees which is simply called a Termination Letter.

The Termination Letter incorporates at a high-level what has already been communicated and includes other pertinent information relating to the termination such as, but not limited to:

      • Termination Rationale
      • Start Date (if the termination happens within the probationary period) 
      • Company Probationary Period time frame (i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12 months) 
      • Termination Date
      • Final Pay
      • Severance Pay (if required)
      • Terms and Conditions around severance pay
      • Additional Information about any benefits
      • Continued obligations after their employment ceases
      • Explanation of the next steps

This letter is typically provided during the Termination Meeting, if this meeting is done by teleconference or video conferencing, it can be delivered via post mail or email. We have provided you with two Termination Letter Templates below, “Termination Letter – General” and “Termination Letter – Probationary Period.”

Now that you have been introduced to the different types of Termination Letters that a terminating employee can receive along with the templates for your company to use, please stay tuned for part 5 of this series when we discuss a General Release, which is the letter a terminating employee signs when severance payment is required.

Download the Termination Letters: Part 4 – Final Termination Letter – Resource & Templates (zip).

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